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Marino Qizzio
Simplifier, Digital Artist

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Skewxel - Skewed pixel and their history.

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External Links:

NFTs - Qizzio main page on Hic et Nunc & Tezos Blockchain.

Qizziobugs - NFT Collectibles on Tezos blockchain - 24x24 pixel Street Art.

Twitter - @qizzio

Instagram - @qizz.io

Artwork I created - click for the NFT.


Qizziobugs are based on 24x24 pixel image size - the same format the original Crypto Punks are using. Typically these are editions of 1 and either based on existing cars or complete phantasy. (Bug 24 IRL is here.) They live on the Tezos blockchain, find them at Hic et Nunc via qizz.io/bugs shortcut URL.


Skewaders have skewed pixels - skewxels. I’m challenging the status quo by twisting the pixels 45, which is not supported by computer soft- and hardware. Historically the pixel density might have increased over time, but they remain straight and square - maybe forever. The concept is heavily interwoven into computer technology - which is why skewxel look pretty weird. (qizz.io/hic)


To play with skewxels and their weird appearance I was looking for a well known and recognisable pixel project - can’t be any better than Larva Labs Crypto Punks. They have been introduced in 2018 and by now their 24x24 pixel PFPs (= Pictures for Profile) are very famous, sometimes regarded as the NFT. Mind you, they have been the first ones to properly explore the concept. Qizziopunqs have some similarity, but obvsly skewxels, which turn out pretty weird. (qizz.io/hic)

Skull Sketch GIF:

Stop motion movie using the skull from Qizziobug 14. It explores the limitations of large pixels - and I found the result so pleasantly weird that it became the basis for further experiments - which lead to the skewxels. (hicetnunc.art/objkt/88701)


4 colour vector drawing based on video still.

Jake Angeli:

Vector based drawings playing with Jake Angeli motiv, who became the famous visual during the US Capitol riots. The charges are included in the picture, based on my own font creation (straight lines only).


Landscape painting with font-like appearance - based on Google Maps picture.

Prancing Horse:

Digital installation of my Prancing Horse motive (2018).


You can find some more creations over at Instagram.