(* 1965), Simplification Maximalist.

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Stripping information, on the borderline of recognition - like a dance between abstraction and reality. Vector technique for straight-lines-only, combined with limited, but bright colours. Which results in pictures as strong as font. Despite their presence they are timeless and nice to look at.

Working with photography and artwork goes back to the 80s when I explored digital possibilities at the age of 15. My photo library keeps growing and is a great and structured source of inspiration. Photoshop has seen the light of day in 1990 and is a reliable companion since.

Marino Qizzio is an alias name, I work as engineer in Cologne/Germany.


Hicetnunc on Tezos Blockchain (00062/63/64, 2021)

Hic et Nunc is a great initiative for clean NFTs, it has just recently been created and I joined early. This is my genesis (OBJKT#30635), the H=N logo as second piece (OBJKT#32580) and World Art Day contribution (OBJKT#37456).

Qizziobug Mosaic (00061, 2021)

More fun with Qizziobug! (Giphy version.)

Senna Sempre (00057, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.5)

Unfortunately Ayrton Senna left this earth already over 20 years ago, but he will be never forgotten. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

Cryptobug (00056, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.2)

Cute pixel version, animated and 1920px MP4. Back in the days I had a real one - got nicknamed Flying Olive. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

The Beeple Beetle (The Beetle Beeple?) (00055, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.2)

With Beeple making so many headlines and myself working on the Beetle subject - I just couldn't resist to combine the two. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

NEVER TOO LATE (00053, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.15)

It is never too late to get started - with NFT just one example. Life is a journey and the most difficult step for every new adventure usually is the first one. I love pixels and this is an example of high-res pixels. The file is an enormous 1.500 x 1.500 GIF (10,4 MB) - however only 12 colours in rainbow and a nice mixture of exact borders vs rough pixels. The font is my self-created Qizzio-style with straight lines only. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

Don't Cover Up The World With Words (00052, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 1.0)

"Don't Cover Up The World With Words" is a quote from Eckhart Tolle - "A New Earth". We tend to label everything and give it a name - a word - as if this could explain it. Like "stone". We all know what a stone is, but do we? A stone, the earth, the universe will forever remain unexplainable and to witness and enjoy this beauty we might have to take a step back, stop thinking and just be. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

NFT Week 1 (00051, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.05)

One week in into the world of NFT and Nifties - and my head looks like this. Note the font, which is my own creation and only consists of straight lines. I wonder how we later might look back at these crazy times - Beeple Everydays auction achieved $69,3M and is sending shockwaves through the traditional art industry. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

NFT Pong Bug (00050, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.1)

Say Hello to the Pong Bug, which is now also having fun on the blockchain.

NFT Bug (00049, 2021)

Offered as NFT (ETH 0.01)

Various colours of the adorable Beetle Bug creation. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

The Beetles (00047, 2021)

Based on the colour-scheme of the famous Yellow Submarine album from The Beatles - while playing with the Beetle/Beatles name.

Strichserie, 1 (00045, 2021)

"Strichserie" ... translates to "Dash Series": starting with lines manually drawn on the whiteboard ... digitally transferred into Vector and converting the hand-drawn lines into proper straights .. cut where the lines meet to derive geometric figures .. transfer the colours from the photo (my last shopping tour) to the geometry to reflect what I see in the picture.

Navalny (00044, 2021)

Did you see this video? Please do watch it, it is legendary already and has collected over 100 million views. In it we not only learn about Putin's Palace, but also current Russia in general and the distribution of power and money.
Alexei Navalny already survived 2 murder attacks and now that be travelled back to Russia has been thrown into jail immediately. Protests in the streets of major Russian cities seem to become a regular sight, despite brute force by the government against the protestors.
The artwork is based on a still of his video - I knew within minutes of watching the documentation that I want to create the portrait.
Find it as Giphy sticker too.

Zerkäfert (00042, 2021)

"Zerkäfert" .. is the German word for dis-beetled, if that makes sense. A variant of the Beetle piece, looks nice to me and I doubt that it is possible to figure out the original motive without knowing. So again this is abstract for some and figurative for others - proper Qizzio style!

Jake Angeli (00041, 2021)

Jake Angeli became the worldwide symbol for the storming of the United States Capitol. Which will go down as historic event during the last days of Donald Trump's presidency. Jake Angeli wenn behind bars since then and will probably remain there for a while. To my surprise he even has his own Wikipedia entry in Germany.

LOCKDOWN (00040, 2021)

The LOCKDOWN word keeps fascinating me - 1 year ago we wouldn't even know its meaning and today it is filling all pages on all newspapers in all countries - wow. (Link to GIF on Giphy.)

Schumacher (00018, 2020)

This photo from Michael Schumacher I shot in 2006. When working with the art I was puzzled how far I could stretch simplification without losing recognition. Clear indication of his charateristic face. Since his skiing accident in 2013 he and his situation is kept away from public - KeepFightingMichael hashtag unites his fans and their prayers.

STWH (00017 / 2020)

Font is always fun to experiment with. When I created Some Thing Will Happen suddenly One appeared too, which I highlighted in different colour. This is based on the many Ram Dass podcasts I regulary listen too - embracing change keeps us from suffering, as we welcome the dramatic dance life presents. From there it is only a small step to understand that nothing happens in isolation - we all interact and depend on each other - thus we are One.

Ringmini (00015 / 2020 / SOLD)

Great little car, powerful and even 4WD. I created this as birthday present for the owner / builder.

David Bowie (00014 / 2020 / SOLD)

I always admired David Bowie. In this video there is his great quote Never play to the gallery - which really got under my skin. I worked with a still from the video (13:32).

Trump (00010 / 2020)

Yes - controversial. I aimed to created a nice picture - without glorifying the person. Contemporary art after all.

1100 R (00007 / 2020 / SOLD)

My first proper motorcycle when I was young - glory days. Now in proud possession with a friend.

BMW 2002 (00005 / 2020)

This nice and bright car came by when I went out riding with the bicycle. I had the GoPro running, from which I grabbed this still - you see me with *thumbs up* as shadow. I went quite far with simplification and abstraction - however it keeps surprising me how many people still not only recognise BMW, but 2002 as the correct model. The amount of patterns we keep stored in our brain is amazing.

Prancing Horse (00002 / 2018)

Based on the famous Ferrari horse, it is very dynamic and equally calming at the same time. Always a pleasure to look at - we had it in our own space for a long time and it keeps satisfying.

Purple Flower (00001 / 2018)

The first picture I got printed - based on a rose in our own garden. The no. 1 is always something special, however a picture can never be as good as original creations of beauty in nature.

Digital Creations (2020)

Various items created recently - they are installed only digitally in different surroundings to test physical presence.

Past Displays

  • 2020 NOV: Pop-Up-Galerie, 50321 Brühl (near Cologne), Uhlstraße 64.