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Dec 25th, 2021

Skewader 4 dropped as Christmas present to all previous Skewader owners (edition 42).

Dec 24th, 2021

My contribution to HEN600k: objkt.com/asset/hicetnunc/600117

I was looking for symmetry and found it in this 25x25 pixel creation.

This is increased x40 - however the original is a mere 1.833 bytes:

Dec 22nd, 2021

Our favourite marketspace Hic et Nunc is going through some waves - the community is currently voting for a new name - due just in time for the new year 2022.

They are also approaching 600.000 minted OBJKTs (the Hic et Nunc NFTs) - which will kick off a nice community event under #HEN600k hashtag.