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--- Pixel vs Skexel ---

Skewxel are pixel twisted by 45. The word did not exist before (well, at least no hits on Google search). Pixel means Picture Element - Skewxel therefore Skewed Picture Element.

Drawing with skewxels gives pretty weird results, as we are not used to it: everything computer is on the horizontal / vertical grid. It’s always fun to question the status quo - however I find it puzzling that in this case it has not been done earlier. Pixel orientation seems to be hard wired into our traditional - or technical, modern - worldview.

--- Skewxel History ---

First I started twisting in low pixel resolution with the H=N logo still in the standard grid. Only when I turned this to the opposite with Skull Sketch GIF and rotated the background instead of the objekt I noticed the skewed pixel.

That got me started and Qizziobug 30 was the first skewxel design - it has the wording “skewed pixel” in its description (OBJKT 112794). Qizziobug 30 is extra weird, as the street is in standard pixel orientation, thus mixing both. Call it a hybrid!

Shortly after came the Skewaders, which are skewed Invaders - and properly skewed, no mixing. Similar to Qizziopunqs, who are alt-punks and followed later as Hic et Nunc OBJKTs.